Exhibits Introduction
About Us:

TRUNK,founded in 2017, is a leading artificial intelligence specialization and national high-tech enterprise, dedicated to the development and application of L4-level artificial intelligence truck technology to create safer, smarter and more efficient technological transportation. Our strategic goal is to build a NATS networked artificial intelligence transportation system covering the whole country, to promote the change and upgrade of China's logistics network with comprehensive intelligence and low carbon, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement in logistics and transportation, and to sustain high-quality development.

At present, TRUNK has successfully launched the full-stack self-researched AiTrucker L4 autonomous driving system, and has joined hands with mainstream commercial vehicle OEMs in the market for mass production cooperation of intelligent truck products, with a total of more than 10 models of cooperation. Now nearly 200 intelligent trucks have been commercialized in many domestic port logistics hubs and high-speed trunk logistics scenarios, and the cooperative customers include Tianjin Port, Ningbo Zhoushan Port, Hefei Port, CNOOC, CMST, Deppon Express, Shentong Express and other industry head enterprises. So far, TRUNK has received investment support from top industrial capitals such as IFLYTEK Venture Capital, GLP Hidden Hill Capital, NIO Capital, Bosch Venture Capital, Eastern Bell Capital, Yuexiu Capital Holdings Industrial Fund, ZWC, BAIC Capital, BHCP, Zhengzhou State Investment Industrial Development Fund, Pre IPO and Civil Aviation Investment Fund.