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ZoX Technologies Co., Ltd. (ZoXTech)
About Us:

Established in November 2015, ZoX Technologies Co., Ltd. (ZoXTech) providing turn-key customized test solutions for new technologies in RF and communication applications. The main business scope covers: communication algorithm verification and design and development, C-V2X hardware-in-the-loop simulation and test system design and test, GNSS navigation test, ADAS test, V2X safety test and customized space-based fleet network. The core team has an average of years of experience in wireless communication, test and measurement related industries, and has rich R&D experience and industrialization capabilities.

The concept of ZoXTech: "Have the courage to practice innovation, explore the unknown world, and become the leader of customized RF and communication testing and application solutions", which has become the goal of the entrepreneurial team of ZoXTech. The company pays attention to industry-university cooperation, and maintains close cooperation and communication with well-known domestic and foreign universities, testing and certification institutions, automobile OEMs, parts suppliers and communication equipment suppliers.




V2X test platform ZVG-9100 is the industry's first single-meter test instrument that can simultaneously realize the functions of the Internet of Vehicles comprehensive tester and GNSS simulation. Based on this instrument, the HIL simulation test plan and information security test plan of the Internet of Vehicles can be realized, covering performance simulation, function simulation, information security test and radio frequency index test. Complete OBU to RSU simulation, C-V2X channel simulation, GNSS simulation and CAN signal simulation, and replay the environmental information in the scene to the device under test in a real way, which can realize the application layer and application data of the cooperative intelligent transportation system vehicle communication system The first and second stage scenario tests specified in the Interaction Standards also meet the tests of vehicle V2X information security, identity authentication and abnormal behavior.

Base station simulator ZCT-8000 supports 2, 3, 4, 5G base station simulation, supports multiple mobile network standards, flexible configuration, and can access multiple terminals at the same time for functional testing. Support dual cellular SISO (Single Input Single Output) to MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) system testing. Covering PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, and RRC layers, it can support functions including voice call test, OTA test, data throughput test, and information security test.

The C-V2X technology organically connects the "one person, one vehicle, one road, one cloud" traffic participation elements, not only supporting vehicles to obtain more information than single-vehicle perception, such as solving the problem of non-line-of-sight or being vulnerable to harsh environments impact and other situations, and promote the maturity of autonomous driving technology. Wireless spectrum resources are limited, and the next-generation wireless communication system hopes to reuse radar frequency bands to realize radar and communication spectrum sharing and improve spectrum utilization. In the Internet of Vehicles scenario, the system can be used as a research and test platform for communication perception integration.