Exhibits Introduction
Zlingsmart Technology Co., Ltd
About Us:

Zlingsmart is a technology-based enterprise that focuses on industrial intelligence fields such as intelligent vehicles and rail transit, with an independent and controllable, safe and reliable operating system as its core technology. We provide products and solutions that are fully stack, soft and hard integrated, and flexible to meet customer needs.

Zlingsmart has taken the lead in launching China's first fully autonomous embedded virtualization operating system - RAITE Hypervisor (RHOS), which has been commercially applied in fields such as intelligent vehicles and rail transit. The RAITE series operating systems include: RAITE Hypervisor, RAITE RTOS, and RAITE Linux, which have the characteristics of platformization, strong real-time performance, high reliability, and consideration of functional security and information security. They can meet the requirements of industries such as automobiles, rail transit, power, and healthcare.

Address: 9th Floor, Block B, Building 4, No. 200 Tianfu Fifth Street, High-tech Zone, Chengdu City

Website: www.zlingsmart.com

Email: public@zlingsmart.com