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About Us:

Kernelsoft Software Co., Ltd. was established in March 2022, mainly engaged in the research and development, and marketing of automotive basic software, committed to empowering customers with automotive basic software and promoting the intelligentization of the automotive industry. It is an important component of the automotive software innovation research platform jointly built by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chongqing Municipality.

Kernelsoft is developing operating systems, middleware, and toolchain for intelligent vehicles. In the future, the company plans to launch automotive whole-vehicle OS solutions and continue to conduct an open-source strategy, complete the construction of a software ecosystem, and become an automotive software company with international influence.

By continuously improving its core technologies, products, and ecosystem, Kernelsoft will keep empowering the automotive industry and accelerating to the era of software-defined cars.

•  Company address:17th Floor Maotai Building, NO.29 Beisanhuan Middle Road, Xicheng District, Beijing China

•  Website:www.kernelsoft.com

•  Email:yuwenyan@kernelsoft.com

Photon Middleware and Toolchain are committed to creating localized independent and controllable basic software products, empowering automotive OEMs and TIER1 to efficiently build safety-critical software systems, and reducing the complexity and cost of software development. Photon middleware can provide high-performance system software components required for mass production of automotive domain controllers, compatible with a variety of underlying software and hardware systems, and can interoperate well with AUTOSAR, ROS2 applications, and tools, simplifying the automotive domain Controller software development. Photon Toolchain supports a one-stop SOA service, including modeling, development, deployment, and operation, with comprehensive functions, high efficiency, and easy use.

PhotonOS is a set of OS products for the centralized architecture of the next-generation smart vehicle, including a hypervisor, OS for different scenarios, and OS diagnostic tools. Through such as fast separable core architecture, reliability & real-time intelligent computing, and continuous security verification, to reinforce the base of next-generation automotive software with high reliability, high intelligence, and finally fully safe and controllable.