Exhibits Introduction
Sumitomo Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.,
About Us:

 Sumitomo Rubber Industries Co., Ltd., founded in 1909, is a manufacturer of a wide range of rubber products with global business operations in the fields of tire, sports, and industrial products.

DUNLOP and FALKEN, the brands belonging to the tire business of Sumitomo Rubber, provide customers around the world with a variety of types of tires for passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles.

In China, Sumitomo Rubber Group owns two production bases, Changshu Factory and Hunan Factory. We have a unique belief in the possibility of rubber materials and have created many world firsts through industry-leading rubber technology and environmental protection technology. And based on Purpose, our corporate philosophy of “Through innovation we will create a future of joy and well-being for all”, we are unremittingly committed to focusing on creating the value beyond expectations to respond to the trust of customers and society.

Sumitomo Rubber has been contributed to safer and more environmentally products as a tire manufacturer.

 A tire is one of core components that determines the basic performance of a vehicle, such as driving, turning and stopping. Such tires know various useful information.

 SENSINGCORE is our proprietary technology for detecting tire conditions. It is able to detect tire traction level, tire wear, tire load and tire pressure loss by its software algorithms. This technology has achieved by combining extensive knowhow on the dynamic behavior of tires gained through our many years of developing cutting-edge tires with matured methods on the advanced digital filtering technology gained through the development of the indirect Tire Monitoring System.

 By notifying drivers and vehicles, especially for autonomous vehicles, of these information, it is possible to drive more safely and securely. In addition, by sharing these information via a cloud, potential hazards can be predicted and precautioned.

Since SENSINGCORE requires no additional sensors to be attached to the tires, conventional tires can be used without modification. And also it is completely maintenance free so that it is effective for carbon neutrality.

We believe that SENSINGCORE will be one of the technologies that can contribute to the realization of autonomous driving and the safe and secure mobile society.