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Datang GOHIGH Intelligent and Connected Technology (ChongQing) Co., Ltd.
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About Us:

Datang GOHIGH Intelligent and Connected Technology (ChongQing) Co., Ltd.( GOHIGH ICT is a high-tech enterprise under China Information Technology Group, which focuses on C-V2X standard research, technological innovation, product R & D and production services. It is the backbone carrier of CICT's Internet of vehicles industry. The company’s registered capital is 1 billion yuan.


Relying on the technology accumulation of CICT in the field of mobile communication, GOHIGH ICT is committed to the pre-research, product development and marketing of C-V2X technology (including the current LTE-V2X and subsequent NR-V2X) from 2012. GOHIGH ICT has a complete Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative System(VICS) solutions and end-to-end product series.


GOHIGH ICT has widely provided domestic leading C-V2X products, solutions and services to the market. The products cover automotive grade C-V2X communication module based on CICT self-developed chips, vehicle terminal (OBU), road side terminal (RSU), roadside multi-sensor fusion sensing station , as well as solutions and software products such as LTE-V SDK Development Kit, ITS Protocol Stack, LTE-V-APP, CA Security Verification Platform and C-V2X Cloud Collaboration platform, etc; GOHIGH ICT has completed the deployment in different application scenarios such as Intelligent expressway, urban road, smart park, smart travel, smart port, smart mine, smart airport and smart tunnel.


Based on the wide application of products and solutions, GOHIGH ICT can provide the market with C-V2X network planning & optimization, high-precision positioning, test joint commissioning & supervision, technical consultation and training services, etc;


GOHIGH ICT is looking forward to cooperating with the industrial chain partners to jointly promote the industrialization of C-V2X in China and even the world.