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Rosenberger Asia Pacific Electronic Co., Ltd.
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About Us:

Rosenberger Asia Pacific Electronic Co., Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG., invested in Beijing in 1997, and the history of its headquarters goes back to 1958 in Fridolfing Germany.

As a leading international manufacturer, the name Rosenberger is associated with the most advanced technologies, development capabilities and quality, which provides a wide range of standardized and customized connectivity solutions in high-frequency, high-voltage and fiber optic technologies. These solutions ensure the reliable transmission of signals, data and power in highly demanding applications.

About Rosenberger Automotive Electronic

As a research and development partner in the automotive industry, Rosenberger has been committed to developing cutting-edge technology.

Rosenberger is not only a pioneer of technological innovation, but also a company that actively develops the connector industry standards and applies them to the field of automotive. Presently, FAKRA, HFM®, RosenbergerHSD®, MTD®, H-MTD®, HV, RoPD® and other series of products have fully covered the European, American, Korean, Japanese, and other auto brands, and most of the local brands in China and opening the opportunity for in-depth cooperation with Rosenberger, which has won a widely good reputation in the Automotive industry.

Contact Information:

Address: No. 3, Anxiang Street, Block B, Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone, Beijing, China, 101300.