Exhibits Introduction
About Us:

We help industries that generate large amounts of time-series data, such as Connected Vehicles (CV), IoT, and Observability, to efficiently uncover the hidden value of data in real-time.

Visit the latest version to get started and get the most out of your data.

GreptimeDB, written in Rust, is a distributed, open-source time-series database designed for unlimited horizontal scaling, high performance, and integrated analytics. We provide GreptimeDB Enterprise for corporate users which supports more enterprise features and customized services. Contact us here for more information.

GreptimeCloud is a fully-managed cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution built on GreptimeDB. It efficiently supports applications in fields such as observability, IoT, and finance. The built-in observability solution, GreptimeAI, helps users comprehensively monitor the cost, performance, traffic, and security of LLM applications.

The Vehicle-Cloud Integrated TSDB is a finely tailored solution that aligns closely with the specific business scenarios of automotive companies, addressing the challenges posed by the exponential growth of vehicle data. The multimodal vehicle-side database, combined with the cloud-based GreptimeDB Enterprise, greatly reduces traffic, computing, and storage costs, and boosts data timeliness and business insight capabilities.

If anything above draws your attention, don't hesitate to star us on GitHub or join GreptimeDB Community on Slack. Also, you can go to our contribution page to find some interesting issues to start with.