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Automotive Intelligent and Control of China Co., Ltd.
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About Us:

Automotive Intelligence and Control of China Co., Ltd. (AICC) is Chinas leading provider for computing infrastructure platforms of intelligent vehicles, and the definer and forerunner of intelligent driving systems. Its flagship product, the intelligent Vehicle Base Brain (iVBB), is a computing infrastructure platform for intelligent vehicles that integrates in-vehicle, software, hardware and cloud,. Intelligent Connected Vehicle Operating System (ICVOS), Intelligent Connected Vehicle Hardware (ICVHW), Intelligent Connected Vehicle Edge Computing (ICVEC), and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Security (ICVSEC) are all among its member products.

iVBB has realized the “double-decoupling” of hardware/software and software/applications. As a cross-platform,cross-car-model, and full-ecological product, it empowers OEMs to build their specific OS and to implement high-efficient, low-cost customized development of autonomous driving applications.


 Company address16th floor,Pangu Plaza,Chaoyang District, Beijing