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  The Beijing Robint Technology Co. Ltd. adheres to the core concept of "AI for People" and focuses on the research and development, design, production, and sales of unmanned vehicles and robots. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized and innovative enterprise.  Robint by a national distinguished professor and relying on the strong doctoral and master's research and development teams of well-known universities at home and abroad, Robint has established an independent core technology system, leading the exploration of commercial applications of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and robotics technology. Its aim is to promote the entry of artificial intelligence into thousands of households using unmanned vehicles and service robots as carriers.

    At present, the products developed by the company involve unmanned distribution, intelligent disinfection and sterilization, health management, intelligent auxiliary bank and other fields, and the service scenarios cover business scenarios, industrial scenarios and family scenarios such as parks, hotels, restaurants, apartments, hospitals, airports, supermarkets, factories and families.

    Robint hopes to become a leader in the large-scale marketization of unmanned vehicles and intelligent robots, achieving the widest benefits of artificial intelligence technology to the public.

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Company addressRoom 2006, Block A, Jinqiu Building, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing