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Beijing Nebula Link Technology Co.,Ltd.
About Us:

NebulaLink is an innovative high-tech enterprise focus on intelligent connected vehicles and cooperative intelligent transportation systems, integrating V2X product R&D, manufacturing and sales, providing key technologies and services for new generation intelligent transportation systems and intelligent connected vehicles, with R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha and Hefei. Depends on high-performing, NebulaLink has formed a full range of products covered "Vehicle-Road-Cloud", which contains V2X terminals, production-level V2X protocol stack, V2X professional R&D and test toolchain and comprehensive solutions of scenarios. It also launched a collaborative driving assistance system (C-DAS) and an overall solution of active traffic control, which is an important support for autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, and smart city construction.

At the same time, NebulaLink is also one of the main contributors to China's V2X technical standard system. At present, NebulaLink has provided integrated solutions and product application systems for many domestic intelligent connected pilot demonstration areas, OEMs, autonomous driving companies and intelligent transportation construction projects. The business covers more than 30 cities, 10 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

公司地址: 北京市海淀区学清路8号科技财富中心A9

官网地址: http://www.nebula-link.com/

联系邮箱: official@nebula-link.com