CICV 2020
Shanghai · China10.27 - 10.29

About CICV


As the most recognized technology exchange and exhibition platform in automobile industry, the annual meeting and exhibition of China Society of Automotive Engineering (2020 saecce) has been successfully held for 26 times. The 2020 SAE CE will be held in Shanghai Jiading Auto Exhibition Center from October 27 to 29, 2020.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has spread worldwide since the beginning of 2020, and its impact on the world economy and the automotive industry should not be underestimated. In order to promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry, the Chinese government resolutely launched the development strategy and measures of "new infrastructure construction", that is, "new infrastructure". Through the cultivation of new market players, the integration and development of automobile, parts, artificial intelligence, Internet, information communication and other industrial chains will be comprehensively promoted with the goal of integrating advantageous resources and establishing industrial consortia and alliances. To explore the evolution law of the future auto industry to achieve cross-border integration and collaborative innovation. At the same time, vigorously develop new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles, and build the development of intelligent automobile industry ecosystem. While developing automobile intelligence, we should pay more attention to new business forms such as road intelligent facilities, high-precision maps, Internet of vehicles, network security, intelligent travel, etc.

Therefore, while demonstrating the cutting-edge technology and innovative scientific research achievements in the field of automotive technology, under the guidance of the China Association of science and technology and the World Federation of automobile engineers, the saecce annual meeting will be held in collaboration with the "seventh" held by China Society of automotive engineering, Guoqi (Beijing) intelligent networked automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd., Suzhou automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone The international intelligent network Vehicle Technology Annual Conference (cicv 2020) was held at the same time, in-depth discussion on intelligent network vehicle industrialization challenges, industrial application and demonstration, intelligent vehicle key technology, basic support technology, information interaction technology, vehicle road coordination and other related topics.

Focus on Innovation

Focusing on the future development trend and innovative technology of the automobile industry, it divides four technology special sessions, namely, intelligent networking, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, body and lightweight materials, covering more than 60 special forums to deeply discuss the core hot topics.

Elite gathering, industry and research advancing together

Invite government leaders, domestic and foreign well-known automobile enterprises, high-level elites of spare parts, well-known professors and technical experts of scientific research institutions, and construct an automobile technology R & D exchange system integrating politics, production, learning and research.

Precise docking of deep ploughing for several years

Saecce & cicv has been deeply involved in the automobile industry for more than ten years, accumulated massive accurate customer resources and rich exhibition quality service experience. Relying on the "Exhibition + conference" activity mode, it promotes efficient cooperation and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.

Multi dimensional propagation AIDS sound production

Online and offline publicity layout, media matrix + more than 100 professional media, mainstream media centralized collection report, graphics and text, live video comprehensive presentation, three-dimensional exposure.

This will be a grand gathering of automobile industry that can't be missed. Here, walk with thousands of guests to see the future of the industry!